Bespoke Software for your business.

Working from the ground up to bring your business or organisation the software you need to get the edge. We breakdown exactly what you want and develop technology to fit the specification of your project, within your budget.


Hardware Prototyping with fast turnaround times.

With a range of high quality plastics and state of the art electronics, we can turn your product idea into reality. Whether you need a one-off custom piece, a proof of concept for investor demonstrations, or a prototype to refine your concept, Mialte can help, from design to delivery.

Trusted Advice to keep you on track.

With a wide breadth of experience in modern (and legacy!) technology, our honest advice and consultancy services bring you the information and strategies you're looking for to keep ahead in the tech world. From Web and Mobile Apps, to Social Media and SEO, to Infrastructure and Devops. Whatever technology area you're looking to expand, we can help you get it right, first time around.

Get In Touch.

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